2023 Solar Buyers BEWARE… NEM2 Scare Tactics

Be very careful about any solar company that manipulates you into signing PG&E NEM2 application paperwork before you have reviewed and signed the California Consumer Solar Protection Guide (CCSPG) and a solar installation contract outlining exactly what will be installed on your roof. Your solar company should also provide you with a solar kW production guarantee.

While these random solar companies may claim to be acting on your best behalf, what you’re really letting them do by giving them permission to submit a NEM application in your name is agreeing to a blank contract, where they can fill in the price and installation details after the fact. This should be a BIG RED FLAG.

Also, if you, like the majority of solar buyers, are looking into multiple solar companies to decide what is best for you… after signing a NEM application with a random company, you are now locked into this other company’s NEM agreement. This means extra steps for you to contact PG&E and cancel this false application and then wait until it clears their system… this is 3 business days minimum… and as April 14th quickly approaches, time is of the essence.

What can you do? Be armed with the facts. Choose a reputable company like Clean Solar who educates our clients and always aims to do what is best for all our clients. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Get free quotes from reputable solar companies using state of the art software to optimize you solar energy production for your family.
  2. When you choose Clean Solar as your solar contractor, you will have received the California Consumer Solar Protection Guide to review even before your appointment with someone on our sales team.
  3. Clean Solar will send you a solar contract, identifying exactly what will be installed at your home, including your annual kW production, and we will guarantee kW production for 15 years.
  4. After reviewing photos of your main service panel and surrounding area, our designer will create your Single Line Diagram, which with your signed documents are then submitted to PG&E with the NEM application for you to receive NEM2.
  5. Every solar company has until 11:59pm on April 14, 2023, to submit NEM2 applications to get in the queue for NEM2. EVERY APPLICATION MUST BE ERROR FREE AND WITH NO MATERIAL MODIFICATIONS in order to receive NEM2. You cannot sign a contract now and change things later without losing your NEM2 application status. Choose your solar company very carefully.

Talk to anyone at Clean Solar about all the extra things that we are doing to help assure, to the best of our ability, that our newest clients get on NEM2. We look forward to working with you.