We’ve Got You Covered With Our Worry Free Solar Guarantees

Warranties and Guarantees play a very important role when looking for the right solar installer. A good solar installer will stand behind their products. Clean Solar installations are back by the most comprehensive guarantee and warranty making sure that you receive top quality service.

15 Year Production Guarantee – Clean Solar guarantees your system will produce the stated production in your contract. If your system does not perform, we’ll pay you the average retail cost on every kWh not produced.

Monitoring – Clean Solar does its part in making sure your panels are performing at their peak. Monitoring is required to track energy output of your solar panels and ensure your production guarantee. This helps to make sure your panels perform at peak efficiency. If your panels are not producing the way they should, Clean Solar will be alerted to any potential problems.

15 Year Workmanship Warranty – This warranty includes parts & labor associated with your solar installation. This also includes penetrations to your roof. Contract prices include design, assembly and installation.

25 Year Manufacturer Warranty – Clean Solar offers a variety of panels of the highest quality, from world leading manufacturers. The manufacturer guarantees energy production of their solar panels for 25 years. This is the industry standard. However, the potential lifetime of your solar panels will likely be significantly higher.

Peace Of Mind – With the best warranties and guarantees, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that Clean Solar is providing you with the ultimate solar solutions. Any concerns you have can and will be addressed in a timely manner. Clean Solar prides themselves on making sure that you’re well informed throughout the entire installation process.