Clean Solar and Me

Hello Everyone!


My name is Kalina Kazmierczak, and I am a Clean Solar intern. This is my second Clean Solar Blog post – I have written before to introduce our exciting new referral app. Just last week I graduated from Westmont High School!

I am currently approaching the end of my time at Clean Solar, having interned for approximately two informative and exciting months now, and have enjoyed my time here immensely. I would like to provide some background information on how I got involved, and what I’ve learned since coming here.

As a high school junior having just moved from Canada, I was looking for ways to get involved in my new school. I joined Interact, a Rotary-sponsored service-oriented club, having heard of it back in Canada, and having had many positive interactions with Rotary International in the past. Through Interact, I gained the opportunity to attend the Enterprise Leadership Conference, a three-day youth business conference bringing together juniors from various high schools to simulate the process of building a new company, attend presentations by local business leaders, and get a taste of what it means to be an entrepreneur. It was at ELC that I met Clean Solar CEO Randy Zechman, serving as my team’s discussion group leader. Randy was a great mentor whose advice helped me succeed not just at ELC, but in my school and daily life as well. Roughly one year following ELC, Randy offered me an internship here, at Clean Solar!

Interning at Clean Solar has been an incredible opportunity. I’ve had the chance to work on projects both in solar post-installation and marketing (a field I am very interested in). Tina has shown me how to build reports and dashboards in Salesforce. With Leslie and Sharnel, I’ve put together a social media campaign to introduce GetTheReferral (our new app!), worked on various projects related to market research, and am currently writing another post for our 5-Star Review Campaign. In the coming week, I hope to see firsthand the solar installation process. Interning at Clean Solar has shown me a potential career path in marketing while providing me with experience in that area.

I am thankful for all that I have learned in my time at Clean Solar, and look forward to applying my experiences here in the future!

Signing off,