Battery Backup

How do batteries work?

Batteries are an energy storage solution that adapts to your individual needs and allows for you to get even more energy out of your solar system. During the day when your solar system is producing more energy than your household can use, the excess energy goes toward charging your battery. Later in the day, when your solar is not producing as much energy, the energy that was stored can then be used for your daily tasks. This allows for you to use more of your solar energy and offset higher PG&E rates. 

How can batteries power my home during an outage?

Don’t worry about being powerless, even during a blackout. Weather, blackouts or any other unexpected outages won’t interrupt daily tasks. Your battery will sense the power outage and seamlessly transition to backup mode. In the case of a longer outage, your solar will continue to charge your battery. This will allow you to have minimal pauses in your normal life.

How can batteries save my home money?

Pairing solar panels with a battery storage can magnify savings each month. With batteries you can store energy when utility rates are low and run your home off the battery when rates are higher. This allows your family to have more energy independence by maximizing the usage of your panels and minimizing energy waste. Solar clients can now have even more control of their utility usage. You can save money with battery storage night and day.