Celebrate #WeGoBeyond with Clean Solar!


We are celebrating our B Corp status and its significance. B Corps are companies verified by B Lab to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. Clean Solar is the only solar installer that is a B Corp in the Bay Area. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our customers.

The significance of a B Corp means only 6,300 Certified B Corporations spanning more than 150 industries, employing almost 400,000 people around the world have this distinction.

Throughout March, the #WeGoBeyond campaign showcases the many ways B Corps have chosen to pursue a more impactful path.  Going above and beyond for all people and the planet. B Corp Certification isn’t just a mark; it’s a global movement of people going beyond business as usual to make their mark on the world.

This celebration is significant for B Corps as it solidifies those businesses of all sizes, across multiple industries, demonstrating that a better way of doing business is possible. Companies can balance purpose and profit while considering all stakeholders in their practices – customers, suppliers, workers, communities, the environment, and shareholders.

While being profitable is the cornerstone of business, being a Certified B corporation illustrates how Clean Solar cares for its employees, the community, and our customers. Thus, why we pride ourselves in our B Corp Status.

See how Clean Solar impacts its customers and the solar industry.

Chris C. Oakland, CA, “Clean Solar is amazing!  Solar panel capacity, efficiency, degradation, inverters, power walls, net metering can be overwhelming to the average homeowner – me included, but our salesperson Art patiently walked through every detail of what all this means, step by step.  And sometimes went through it two and three times.   His attention to the details and mocking up new plans based his guidance, really sealed the deal for us. Install was on schedule, no surprises and well-executed.
Great service is hard to find these days.  Without hesitation, I’d recommend Art and Clean Solar for anyone looking for Solar in the Bay Area.”


Neil B. San Francisco, CA, “Great job by the Clean Solar team! Clean Solar was just right in terms of value, pricing, detail, expertise and overall good work and professionalism.  Marcia Beaver came out to look at the roof (she went on the roof!  We had two detailed conversations on panel type, layout, energy usage/efficiency, equipment, etc.  I really appreciated her patience, attention to detail, and expert recommendations on the best fit for my home.  We initially met in November, finalized contract in December and did the final install in April (after all the permits, etc.).  I had 22 LG panels installed using an Enphase inverter.  Entire solar and roof install crew was great and professional (Jesse, Chris and the rest).  I highly recommend Clean Solar.  Thanks again guys!”

Clean Solar has been a B Corp since 2014!  We are proud of this nine-year milestone! To celebrate, view this short 45 second video to join the virtual celebration or learn how to celebrate in your own neighborhood. Remember this distinction means Clean Solar puts people as priorities not profit.