Clean Solar educated employees at the Intel GREENit Fair

Clean Solar participated in the annual Intel GREENit Fair. As an Elite Dealer of SunPower, we were on hand to answer questions and set up free site surveys.

Intel’s annual GREENit Fair took place at their Santa Clara campus on Friday, May 30. Every year, vendors from all over the Bay Area visit their campus to help educate Intel employees about sustainability, alternative energy, and “green” living practices. Special exhibits included learning about composting, reusing toner cartridges, and harnessing the power of the sun with solar power.

Clean Solar’s Marketing Director, Leslie Gaynor, represented Clean Solar at the event and educated Intel employees about the most efficient solar panels in the world, SunPower. Employees’ families were welcome to attend as well. Children’s artwork of “going green” and “saving the planet” were displayed along the walls of the event room.

Clean Solar had a great experience and we look forward to next year.