Disney World and Mickey Shine with Solar... You can too!

A huge 22-acre, 5 megawatt, Mickey Mouse shaped solar project in Orlando will now meet the power needs of all its Disney customers.  “We’re committed to providing our customers with greater access to renewable energy, and the Walt Disney World Solar Facility is one example of how we’re doing that” says Alex Glenn, Duke Energy’s Florida president.

While those may seem like some big shoes to fill… solar energy is no Mickey Mouse business.  You can produce your own renewable energy everyday too. By placing solar panels on your roof, you will generate your own electricity… which is a major step in reducing your carbon footprint.

Solar power is no fairy tale. It’s usable energy from the sun, which is the cleanest and most sufficient energy source in our world. Solar energy is electricity generated from solar panels used wherever you use electricity, your home or business or throughout your community. Every panel is made up of solar cells, or photovoltaic cells, which capture the power from the sun producing DC power. DC power is then inverted to AC power, which is used in your home and on the utility grid.

In the event that your solar panels produce more electricity than you can use, that power goes back on the grid and credits your account. Through this process, called Net Energy Metering (NEM), the extra power is credited back to you for you to use later, at a lower rate. So not only are you helping to protect your environment, you’re saving money doing it. Sounds like win-win!

Solar and Disney together truly do make this “the happiest place on earth”.