Getting Panels that Perform and Look the Way You Want

Clean Solar offers a variety of panel options to meet your solar needs. We offer high efficiency modules (SunPower, LG), and a standard efficiency module (Q-cells). Panel efficiency refers to the percentage of sunlight hitting the panels that can be converted into usable electricity. In addition to the panel manufacture’s warranties, we offer an industry leading workmanship warranty of 25 years for all solar panels installed.

Brief overview of SunPower
Since the 1970’s, SunPower has been creating innovative solar products. They offer well made products that feature a patented design called Maxeon®.This unique design makes the panels durable due to its solid copper backing and it is highly efficient since all grid lines are put on the back of the panel so no space is taken away from the cells in the front. With all of this experience, the company has positioned themselves as the leader for residential and commercial solar power.

SunPower X series option
Clean Solar carries a few X series panel options. All panels come with a 25-year warranty and an annual degradation of only .25%. This means that after 25 years of installation, the panels will be performing at 93.75% efficiency.

SunPower X21 option #1 SunPower X21 option #2 SunPower X22
option #1
SunPower X22 option #2
Efficiency 21% 21.5% 22.2% 22.2%
Watts 335 350 360 360
Built in AC micro inverter? No Yes No Yes
Warranty 25-year 25-year 25-year 25-year
Degradation .25% annually .25% annually .25% annually .25% annually
Aesthetics Full black design Full black design Black cell, white frame Black cell, white frame

Brief overview of LG
LG has built a reputation for creating high quality products at value based pricing for consumers and their solar product offerings are no exception. LG has been in the electronics and appliance industry since 1958. The company creates a variety of electronics and appliances such as televisions, refrigerators, smart phones, vehicle electronics and solar panels.

The LG NeON® R panel option
The newest high efficiency panel option from LG utilizes their new design called NeON® R. This module puts the electrodes on the back of the panel, giving more surface space in the front for the cells. The design allows this model to achieve 20.8% efficiency and 360 watts per panel. The additional benefit from this new design is that it features a reinforced frame that is durable. The LG NeON® R is backed by a 25-year warranty. After 25 years, the panels will continue to perform at a minimum of 87% efficiency from the day they were installed.

The LG NeON® 2 Black panel option

The LG NeON® 2 Black panel option sports an all-black design that is designed to look good on roofs and perform at a high efficiency. This panel has an efficiency rating of 18.7% with an output of 320 watts. Like the LG NeON® R, this panel features a reinforced frame design that is durable. The LG NeON® 2 Black comes with a 25-year warranty and an annual degradation of only .55%. This means that 25 years after installation, the panels will be performing at 86.25% efficiency from the day they were installed.

Brief overview on Q-cells
Q-cells provide value by offering competitive efficiency, power ratings and standard industry warranty compared to premium brands. Q-cells have been in the market since 1999, they transitioned to the Hanwha group in 2012. Since then, the panels have been engineered in Germany and manufactured in China, Malaysia and South Korea.

The Hanwha Q-cell Q.Peak-G4.1 305 panel
The Hanwha Q-cell features a unique design called Q.ANTUM technology. This design features a nano coating that functions like a household mirror to reflect light back into the panel so maximum sunlight can be absorbed. The design allows the panel to work well in low light conditions such as, sunrise/sunset and cloudy days. Each panel is able to produce 305 watts with an efficiency of 18.3%. You will get a 12-year product warranty and a 25-year linear performance guarantee. The linear guarantee states that the panels will degrade no more than .6% a year. This means that in 25 years, your panels will be performing at 85% efficiency from the day you had them installed.