Going Solar: Knowing the Process for Accurate Cost

Going solar is not as expensive as you think. Modern technology and many incentive programs have made rooftop solar more affordable than ever before. But how much do solar panels really cost? Or better yet, how do you find out the cost of solar panels for your roof? To get this answer, you have to know what you’re looking for.

Factors to Determine Cost
There are variables that play into the cost of solar, your current electricity usage plus available roof space. After that, the cost is determined by how your solar system is customized to fit your home. While there are some solar companies that don’t provide options, a good installer will have panel options, inverter options and financing options. A good solar installer will also have a 15 year full solar warranty and production guarantee. Be sure all of these things are included in the solar proposal as this will determine the cost of your solar installation.

Receive your Quote during the Home Evaluation
You should receive a firm quote showing cash, loan plus lease options. But getting a firm quote requires more than just online mapping, or a satellite reading of your roof. The best and most accurate way to get a solar proposal is to have the installer physically measure and take sun readings on your roof. Doing so, the installer can figure how much space you have available and if there are any shading issues. This determines the placement of your solar panels for maximum production. This process is done during the home evaluation and the solar proposal is generated right in your living room.

If the solar installer has not done a home evaluation, then how accurate can the quote really be? The only way to ensure accuracy is to have the installer physically measure the roof to determine where to get the highest production for your solar panels.   

Be Informed of your Annual Solar Production
Your solar installer should tell you how large your solar system will need to be in order to offset your electricity bill, or how much is possible with available roof space. They should also tell you the annual production of your solar system. And, make sure the production guarantee is included in the contract. There’s nothing worse than having solar panels that are not producing the amount of energy that was determined at the initial home evaluation.

Knowing the process and asking questions will help you find an accurate price of how much solar will cost for you. Clean Solar is here to make going solar as seamless as possible, taking care of every aspect and being totally transparent throughout the entire process. Going solar is a big decision so you’ll want to find the best solar company that best suits your needs.