How to choose a Solar Installer

Having solar installed for your home is almost always practical in a financial sense, however it is still a big decision to consider. And when you’ve decided that you’re interested in solar, what’s the next step? How can you make sure that the solar contractor you choose is the best fit for your home and energy needs?

There is a lot to consider in choosing a solar installer. In fact, there are so many contractors, how do you know what differentiates them? Consider the following questions when asking your solar installer if they are the right fit for you:

  • Custom solar solution – some installers try to sell a “one size fits all” system that doesn’t fit your needs
  • Panel options – they should be neutral and provide a wide range of solar panel brands
  • Solar financing – does your installer offer cash, PACE, lease, loan, and $0 down?
  • Safety – are they licensed, bonded, and fully insured?
  • Quality – does the installer offer a warranty and performance guarantee?
  • Reputation – what are other homeowners saying? How is your installer rated?

Not surprisingly, you may have lost a few installers along the way. In fact, even fewer installers give back to the community as part of their business model. Is your installer donating their time, making charitable donations, and certified as a B Corp? After all, your installer should care about your home and the community in general as much as they are interested in promoting solar adoption and making money. If solar makes sense, make sure your installer does too.