Learn How Wildfires Can Impact Your Solar System

Learn How Wildfires Can Impact Your Solar System

Do you know that your solar energy production can been impacted due to the wildfires and all the smoke and ash in the air?

According to the California Independent Service Operator (CA ISO) , solar production across California dropped 20% during the few weeks of wildfires – the most in the nation. This is mainly attributed to the layers of ash that covers solar systems. 

You may have noticed that your car and garbage bins are tinted brown from the wildfire ashes, that same layer of debris can be located on your panels and is likely impacting your solar production. Ash is thicker than normal dust and can severely reduce solar generation.

If you are experiencing lower than expected production from your solar system, this is likely due to the layers of ash on your solar panels. In order to maintain your production guarantee, you will need to clean your panels. Since solar panels do get hot during the day, the best time to clean your panels is during the early morning or late evening. Use your garden hose and spray the surface of the panels until the ash comes off. For more stubborn layers you may need to hire a professional solar cleaner to get on the roof.

With wildfire season still upon us, plan on cleaning/rinsing your panels regularly so the panels continue to stay clean from any smoke and ash that may cover the Bay Area.

In the near future, Clean Solar will be announcing our new Service Department. We will provide a variety of services including panel cleaning. Stay tuned for more information.

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