Net Energy Metering is About to Change

Net Energy Metering is About to Change

Net Energy Metering is about to change, and you will not like it! Time to call the Governor of California or attend a rally for solar!

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) plans to vote on the Proposed Decision for Net Energy Metering, NEM 3, on January 27th, 2022.

WHY you should care:

Homeowners with NEM 1 or NEM 2 were told that their terms were grandfathered for 20 years, this will be reduced to 15 years if NEM 3 passes as written on January 27, 2022…

What does this mean to NEM 1 or NEM 2 clients – after 15 years, you will be forced over to NEM 3 and will NO LONGER GET TOU RETAIL CREDIT FOR THE ENERGY YOU PUT BACK ON THE GRID… EVER AGAIN.

PG&E solar credits will plummet to $0.03-$0.05 per kWh, currently at $0.20-$0.25 per kWh. This will reduce your available credit use to afterhours and change the ROI on your initial solar investment.

The time to act is NOW! To make the solar industry’s voice heard,

CALL GOERNOR NEWSOM AND TELL HIM TO SAVE SOLAR TODAY AT (916) 445-2841… The CPUC’s decision will impact the entire industry if the proposal passes but we can still bring attention to the Governor on why it should not be passed!

ATTEND RALLY IN SAN FRANCISCO, THURSDAY, JANUARY 13TH AT 11AM; If you’re a solar installer, solar client, those interested in maintaining California’s green promise, attend the rally!

See below for the expected changes to come if NEM 3 is passed…

  • New monthly fees based off the size of your solar system
  • Lower value of solar per kWh by reducing net metering credits
  • Extended payback period – for new clients ROI goes to 16 years, previously 5-8 years
California has been a leader in clean energy, but the NEM 3 proposal will directly impact the industry making it extremely hard to continue its growth. If the vote in January passes, NEM 3 will go into effect 120 days later or May 27th, 2022.

To save net energy metering and the solar industry we ask that you join Clean Solar. For more information, please visit the CALSSA website and to confirm your attendance for the rally RSVP!