Hiebert, San Jose

Clean Solar Homes

Hiebert Family in San Jose

System Size: 9.90kW CEC/ AC Annual Production: 16,400 kW
Old Electric Bill: $388 New Electric Bill: $0
% Power Offset: 92% % Electric Bill Offset: 100%
IRR Over 25 Years: 16.8% Simple Payback: 10 years
Modules: 54 SunPower 210 BK-U Inverter: 2x SunPower 6000W
Standoffs: SunPower Racking: Unirac

Because the solar system is on the front of the Hiebert house, the physical look of the product was extremely important.  Clean Solar consulted with the homeowner to determine the panels and system that had the best look before the solar installation.  A symmetrical layout was designed and approved by the homeowner.  The homeowner also decided he wanted to zero out his electrical bill and prepare for a future plug-in hybrid and higher energy use in the future. The solar system was designed to meet these expectations for future energy expansion in the household.