Inman, Redwood City

Clean Solar Homes

Inman Family in Redwood City

System Size: 7.60kW STC PV Annual Production: 10,931 kW
Old Electric Bill: $369 New Electric Bill: $42
% Power Offset: 65% % Electric Bill Offset: 89%
IRR Over 25 Years: 26.2% Simple Payback: 8 years
Modules: 36 SunPower 210 W Inverter:  SunPower 7000W
Standoffs: SunPower Racking: Unirac

The Inmans bought their brand new home in 2008 in San Mateo County. They wanted to maximize the space they had on their roof with solar. Because of the intricate nature of their roof with many angles, shapes and directions, the Inman solar installation was quite complex. Clean Solar spent hours determining, following up and measuring to maximize their efficiency. In the end, we installed 5 arrays – three of the five locations had different shading issues that required exacting measurements to give the homeowners an accurate portrayal of expected output.

Single inverter solar systems are put together using electrical strings. With five array locations for this system, Clean Solar had to determine the least intrusive way to run these lines to minimize lovtage drop, wiring costs, and system aesthetics. After careful consideration of many options, Clean Solar approved the best wiring diagram for the Inman’s home.