Martin, Fremont

Clean Solar Homes

Martin Family in Fremont

System Size: 1.7kW CEC-AC Annual Production: 2,954 kW
Old Electric Bill: $48 New Electric Bill: $7
% Power Offset: 59% % Electric Bill Offset: 85%
IRR Over 25 Years: 10.7% Simple Payback: 17 years
Modules: 10 Sharp 208ND-208U2 Inverter:  Fronius IG 2000 kW
Standoffs: Fast Jack 7″ Standoffs Racking: Unirac

The Martin house has a concrete tile roof which presented some technical hurdles for solar installation, but in the end the wires were run underneath the tiles for a clean aesthetic look.

The Martins wanted their inverter mounted in the garage for a daily reminder of the money they were saving (85% per month, with a new monthly bill of $7) and for a daily review of their solar production.