Rollins, Livermore

Clean Solar Homes

Rollins Family in Livermore

System Size: 2.787 CEC-AC Annual Production: 2,727 kW
Old Electric Bill: $263 New Electric Bill: $129
% Power Offset: 59% % Electric Bill Offset: 51%
IRR Over 25 Years: 22.9% Simple Payback: 8 years
Modules: 18 Mitsubishi PV-UD-185MF5 Inverter:  Fronius 4000 kW
Standoffs: Fast Jack 7″ Standoffs Racking: Unirac

The homeowner had predetermined which solar panels and which size system he wanted to use. The system size was a bit unconventional. They wanted a system size that would only get them out of the highest tier pricing, leaving them with a substantial electric bill, but a system that would maximize their return on investment.  The home electrical run was quite lengthy, over 100 feet. Clean Solar worked with the customer discussing all their options, finally deciding to have the conduit run on the roof-line all the way to the other side.