Shen, San Jose

Clean Solar Homes

Shen Family in San Jose

System Size: 3.1kW CEC-AC Annual Production: 5,384 kW
Old Electric Bill: $126 New Electric Bill: $14
% Power Offset: 59% % Electric Bill Offset: 89%
IRR Over 25 Years: 12.1% Simple Payback: 12 years
Modules: 18 Sharp ND-208U1 Inverter:  Fronius IG 4000
Standoffs: 6″ ProSolar Fast Jacks Racking: ProSolar

The solar electrical service panel at the Shen house is located on the front of the yard, down a walkway to their backyard.  They can’t help but look at inverter every time they are walking by to see how much solar energy they are producing.

The Shen house is located in the East foothills of San Jose where the top of their solar array is viewable from the street.  We painted the silver flashing to match the roof color for better aesthetics.