Voisin, Bonny Doon

Clean Solar Homes

Voisin Family in Bonny Doon

System Size: 2.4 kW CEC- AC Annual Production: 3,674 kW
Old Electric Bill: $53 New Electric Bill: $3
% Power Offset: 62% % Electric Bill Offset: 92%
IRR Over 25 Years: 10.9% Simple Payback: 16 years
Modules: 14 Sharp 208 U Inverter:  Fronius IG 3000
Standoffs: 6″ Fast Jacks Racking: Unirac

The Voisins contacted Clean Solar late in 2007 wanting to take advantage of the (expiring) E-7 electric rate that was very favorable in reducing electricity bills.  Clean Solar was able to install and have final sign-off on the system in three weeks, securing the E-7 rate from PG&E and allowing the Voisins to also take advantage of the $2,000 Federal Tax Credit on their 2007 taxes.

The solar system at the Voisin house was a straight forward installation. They had plenty of roof space open to southern exposure, they had composite shingles and their electric meter was on the side of house adjoining the solar system.