Shell fueling a brighter future for Sonnen

Today, Shell announced that they are taking a deeper dive into clean energy and acquired leading energy storage solution provider, Sonnen. Acquiring one of the leading energy storage solutions gives Shell a platform into the cutting-edge technology of energy storage products.

Shell’s VP of Energy Solutions, Brian Davis, is predicting that battery storage will become a “mass-market product” in less than 10 years. Batteries are predicted to be moving down the cost curve and will soon become more affordable and more efficient. The additional competition to the battery market can only fuel speeding up this process.

Home battery systems are becoming increasingly popular. Shell’s extensive energy network will provide Sonnen with new opportunities, while being backed by a billion-dollar company. This acquisition positions Sonnen’s technology toward new markets. Being backed with a greater funding and brand recognized name will allow Sonnen to compete more directly with other battery producers such as, Tesla.

Sonnen has sold about 30,000 battery systems worldwide since it was founded in 2010. The majority of these battery sales were in Germany although, they are also available across the United States. Clean Solar has been a certified Sonnen distributor since 2016. We’re excited to see where this new acquisition takes the home battery storage for our customers.