Stay Tuned for the News…(or Solar Warranties...Get it in Writing)

Last week, a local newscaster reported that solar panels were overheating, catching fire, shattering and putting homes in danger.

This week the leading story is that a candy maker says we are running out of chocolate!

With the instantaneous news updates on the Internet, television media still relies heavily on the teaser ad to get you to tune into their broadcast.

So what was going on with the solar panels… well, it turns out the story was ONLY about specific BP solar panel models. BP, the same company responsible for the massive oil spill into the Gulf of Mexico, had a class action suit filed against it for these faulty panels earlier in 2014.

These BP solar panels had defective junction boxes that were melting due to extremely high temperatures. One solar system had burn marks under panels as well as on the homeowner’s composition roof. Some panels shattered. But the WORST PART was that the BP 25 year warranty on the panels ONLY covered the replacement of the panel itself, not the removal of the defective panel, nor the installation of the new panel, equating to one homeowner to be about 25% the cost of his system.

The bottom line, you can’t believe everything you hear, do your research, read the YELP reviews, get your FULL Solar Warranty in writing and ask how it compares to other warranties. Understand the company you are going to do business with… and you should be fine… just like our Clean Solar clients.

Oh, and about the world running out of chocolate… well there COULD BE a POTENTIAL cocoa shortage by 2020 if farmers don’t plan accordingly!

In the meantime, we can continue to love our American-made chocolate and solar panels and a big bowl of popcorn… stay tuned…