The California Solar Rebate is Back, Exclusively at Clean Solar!


We like the idea of offering a solar rebate to Bay Area residents… so we brought back the California Solar Rebate, exclusively at Clean Solar!

You will save $0.20 per watt (up to 10 kW or $2000) for all new solar system installations. Now you can save money on your electricity bill AND your solar installation, whether you lease or purchase in cash.

How do you find out how much of a savings that will be for you? Call us today to set up a FREE Site Survey! 

We will come to your home and take GPS readings on your roof. By doing this, we can estimate the sun and shade patterns on your roof for the entire year! Then depending how much you want to offset your current electrical bill, we will recommend different options for you. An average system can be about 4-5 kW. Once you decide on a solar system size that best meets your needs, our experienced planning and engineering team will go to work. Whether it’s a roof or ground mounted solar array, we will design a solar panel system that will maximize the production of solar electricity for your home.

We will meet with you to go over the design and layout of the system prior to solar installation – every detail will be covered. You’ll be able to picture your future with solar before it is even installed.

Please note that if your system does not produce the contracted kilowatt hours per year (kWh/year -2%), Clean Solar will pay you the difference in retail dollars. The best production guarantee in the business!

Call us today to set up a FREE Site Survey!