Think You Love Solar As Much As Us?

Clean Solar is excited about Solar, you should be too! This Friday, January 24, is National “Shout out for Solar” Day and there is SO MUCH to be excited about. The solar industry employs 120,000 workers in one of the fastest-growing industries. Solar is doing this while also saving consumers money and reducing pollution…who wouldn’t love that?

Here at Clean Solar, we LOVE hearing this. (See how crazy we get?). Our team is showing our support for solar on social media and bragging a little bit too. Solar means everything to us, and you should be just as thrilled. Show us how crazy solar gets you and share it on our Facebook page! Be creative!

Solar is generating enough clean electricity to power 2 million homes…is your home one of them?

Show your support and “Shout Out For Solar” on Friday and then call us today to set up a FREE Site Survey!