Clean Solar Rooftop Solar Installation - Time Lapse Video

Clean Solar prides themselves on providing professional and outstanding service. Clean Solar client, Larry Silveira states, “We are very happy with the install from Clean Solar. This video was created without payment or discount from Clean Solar just because they are that good of a company and we wish them well.”

There’s a lot of planning that goes into a rooftop solar installation. Clean Solar is happy to share with you a successful rooftop installation as seen in the two videos, shot by Larry Silveira with a drone. These videos show exactly what our installers do for a successful solar installation. The first video gives a bird’s eye view of how Clean Solar installers place solar panels on top of your roof. The second video shows the process of installing an in-garage solar inverter.

Please enjoy this time lapse video of a rooftop solar installation shot at the home of Larry Silveira. Video directed by Michael David.

Clean Solar would like to thank Larry and Michael for providing us with these time lapse video.