Time to Consider Solar

Chances are you are tired of looking at your ridiculously high energy bill, month after month! Clean Solar wants to help reduce your electricity bill so let’s explore how switching to solar can benefit you in the long run.

Financial incentives to switch to solar

The government offers the Investment Tax Credit (ITC), which in a nutshell is a 30 percent federal tax credit that you get to use when filing your income taxes. Net energy metering (NEM) is a billing arrangement that gives you credit on a retail rate for any additional energy you produce from your solar system that is not being used and going back into the grid for you to use at a later date.

How investing in solar can be a good investment

How much can you save when switching to solar? There are many factors used to determine this, start by looking at your monthly electricity bill. Your last 12 months of kW usage determines the system size best for you. The system will pay itself off between 5 to 8 years and continue to perform 40+ years. For this reason, looking for a solar installer who offers a good warranty is critical! Clean Solar guarantees all workmanship for 25 years and 15 years for your roof so you don’t have to worry about leaks. In addition to this, Clean Solar offers a production guarantee where we guarantee that your system will produce the annual stated production in your contract or we’ll pay you the difference!

More money to spend/increase your cash flow

Considering the money you will be saving with solar, now is the time to think about what you could be doing with it. Perhaps a much needed vacation, saving for your kids college fund or maybe that new electric car you have been eyeing for what feels like forever now. The possibilities are endless and by going solar, you can start saving or spending your money on things you want and deserve.