Could You Use More Family Fun? Call Clean Solar For a New Lease on Life!

Clean Solar wants to make sure you’re spending time with your family and having some fun this New Year, so make it another New Year’s resolution for yourself. And let Clean Solar help! Everyone could use more savings every month, have you begun thinking about how you want to use yours?

Did you know that you can lease a solar system on your roof and pay less for it than you are paying the utility company now?

Lower electricity bills every month means more money in your pocket. That’s more money to use towards family fun, what truly matters to you. Instead of wasting your money away on expensive electric bills, start saving now! Clean Solar wants to make it as simple as possible for you to start. Even if money is tight, with $0 DOWN, you don’t spend anything to start. You start saving right away!

As an incentive to your New Year’s resolution, Clean Solar will give a cash rebate of $201.4 per kW (up to 5kW) when you sign a lease agreement between now and February 28th!

That’s extra cash back just for leasing solar? You bet! That’s in addition to the monthly savings already received off of my electricity bill? You got it! A solar lease is the EASY and AFFORDABLE way to go solar. The real issue is deciding how you want to spend those monthly savings! It’s understandable if you haven’t decided where it will go in planning that family get-away, you have so many options after all.

We could probably all use a vacation already. The kids need a little break from school and the parents need to take a load off from this first month of the New Year. Even those who haven’t fully accepted the New Year yet, could use some time off to gather their thoughts. If your New Year’s Resolution is to have more family fun, make it happen now!

With extra money in your pocket every month, where has your family wanted to get away for relaxation? De-stress with a road trip to Disneyland. Perhaps cool down on the ski slopes of Tahoe. Winter has somehow forgotten about us here in the Bay Area, so maybe even hit the beaches on the California coast like the Mavericks. It really doesn’t matter, sometimes it’s just the time away from school, work, or home that constitutes a vacation. Are you ready for fun?

Wherever you wish to relax, you wouldn’t want to pass up on some extra cash for even more family fun. With $0 DOWN, you start saving the first month! That’s another couple nights in a hotel, or maybe a few more skiing sessions, another day at the amusement park, or perhaps gasoline for another state on your road trip. That cash could go a long way! It sure beats wasting it away on your electricity bill, that’s for sure.

Clean Solar wants you to get a new lease on life this year. Your monthly savings and that cash rebate will have a greater impact on valuable family fun than expensive electricity bills every month. So it’s obvious, use it on having fun!

It’s easy, install solar and start thinking about those savings every month and that next family vacation! Call us today to set up a FREE Site Survey!