Enphase Energy System

Enphase Energy System

The Enphase Ensemble now Enphase Energy System is an energy storage solution designed by Enphase Energy, the company behind the industry-leading solar microinverters. The Energy System includes an all-in-one solar & energy storage system that acts as a “microgrid” – offering utility-free energy independence. Whether or not the power is down, you can have peace of mind with the Enphase Energy System.

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  • Battery: 10 years or 4,000 cycles
  • +70% guaranteed capacity after 10 years


Indoor/Outdoor Rated

Capacity & Power

  • Encharge 10 Capacity: 10.08 kWh | Power: 3.84 kW
  • Encharge 3 Capacity: 3.36 kWh | Power 1.28 kW


4 Encharge 10s stackable