Solar Inverters


The Inverter is the Heart of your Solar Installation

The inverter transforms Direct Current (DC) power generated from the solar panels into Alternating Current (AC) power that your home can use.  It is important to have the best inverter on the market to ensure the efficiency of your solar installation.

We offer two options for your inverter.  The first option is a Microinverter, and the second option is a Single inverter with optimizers. 

While we give you an option in the type of inverter that is used on your system, we only work with a single manufacturer for each style.  Since the inverter is so vital to your system, we have done the appropriate research and made the difficult decisions of which manufacturer we will use for each option.

Microinverters by Enphase Energy

Enphase microinverters are installed on each panel to invert the power from DC to AC at the source. Microinverters allow each panel to perform in a mutually exclusive manner from the panel next to it, making it ideal for roofs with shading issues.

There are many benefits to a microinverter system including:

  • More efficient
  • Most detailed monitoring
  • Long lifetime
  • Less power loss if any panels are shaded

Enphase Microinverters fits your needs, now and later.

The Enphase System is flexible, so you can design a system to fit today’s budget and energy needs. If you decide to expand your system later as your needs evolve, with Microinverters, you can do so without a problem. Adding more panels, or a solar battery becomes easy with Microinverters.

Single Inverter with Optimizers

by SolarEdge

Our SolarEdge Single Inverter with Optimizers combines the benefits of a centralized inverter with the efficiency and savings of a distributed system.

Optimzers allow each panel to perform in a mutually exclusive manner from the panel next to it, making it ideal for roofs with shading issues.

Benefits to a single inverter with optimizer system include:

  • Less expensive per watt than a microinverter
  • Reduce the impact of panel shading
  • Little difference in efficiency than microinverter

SolarEdge Provides Innovative Solutions

Using Optimizers on each solar panel, we can track each panel individually.  The use of optimizers distributes voltage management to each panel.  With most of the work being done by the optimizers, the single inverter is solely responsible for the DC to AC inversion.

Ask about the benefits of each system, and we will help you decide which system is the best fit for your unique solar installation needs and requirements.

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