Tesla Powerwall 2.0

Weather proof lithium-ion battery

This battery can be installed indoors or outdoor, mounted to the wall or the ground. With a 10 year warranty, you can be sure that the Powerwall 2.0 will safely provide back up power in the harshest of climates.

Maximized self consumption

The energy produced from your solar panels goes directly to your Powerwall. You will only send power to the grid once the home loads have been satisfied and your battery is completely charged.

Time-of-Use load shifting

The Powerwall has the intelligence to seamlessly take advantage of Time-of-Use rates when they are the cheapest. This allows you maximum savings when combining solar and Powerwall 2.0.

Manage your energy production

Monitor and manage how and when your energy is being used anywhere through the Tesla app. You will also have access to real time energy data and alerts about severe weather.

Fully integrated for ease of installation


10 years

Usable Capacity


Depth of Discharge



276 lbs / 125kg


L × W × D: 44″ × 29″× 5.5″

Operating Temp

-20°C to 50°C

Typical Powerwall 2.0 System Layout