How It Works


How Solar Works During the Daytime

How Solar Works at Night

Here is a quick overview on how solar works!

  1. Solar panels are mounted on your roof for optimal sun exposure, preferably facing south or west.
  2. Solar panels absorb the solar power and convert the power into DC power through solar modules.
  3. The solar inverter converts the DC power into useful AC power to be used in your home or business.
  4. When your solar system is overproducing, with net metering, your meter will spin backwards and credit your account.
  5. At night or anytime when the solar is not producing, you will seamlessly get your electricity from the utility grid (or battery if you have one).

Note on net metering: Your solar system is designed to offset your electricity usage potentially to 100%. With net metering, you will get credited for the excess energy your solar system produces, especially in the summer months when your solar is frequently overproducing.