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Clean Solar only Works with the Best Solar Panels on the Market

Clean Solar installs solar panels from many of the industry-leading solar panel manufacturers, including SunPower.  SunPower only sells solar panels through Authorized Dealers, and Clean Solar is proud to be a SunPower Authorized Dealer for over ten years.  We also install solar panels from Panasonic, REC, and Tesla.

All of the solar panels we install are manufactured to the highest standards of quality with strict engineering guidelines.  Since we work with only high-quality equipment,  you can be sure that whichever solar panel manufacturer you choose, you will receive our 25-year warranty + 15-year production guarantee.

The high-grade materials, innovative production technologies, and precision workmanship are priorities in our selection criteria. We strive to offer the highest quality solar panels at the best prices.

Clean Solar is a SunPower Authorized Dealer.

SunPower manufactures a high-efficiency solar panel, backed by 17 patents and years of experience.

Highly efficient SunPower photovoltaic panels generate more energy than other panels. SunPower solar panels are aesthetically pleasing, too, as they have no metallic grid lines on the panel’s surface and can blend harmoniously into the roof. These panels convert the highest percentage of sunlight into electricity delivering up to 50 percent more energy than conventional solar panels.

SunPower panels can produce 8-10% more energy per watt than other solar panels. Over the 25-year panel warranty, that is 21% more energy. The higher output is a result of the high-end anti-reflective coating on each panel. These panels perform better than conventional panels in hot weather, which causes panels to produce less power. Ask to see a sample of these stylish signature all-black solar cells.


Other High Efficiency Panels

Clean Solar installs solar panels that are among the leading, top rated panels available. All the panels we install are manufactured to the strictest engineering guidelines, ensuring confidence of customers and installation partners worldwide. The high grade materials, innovative production technologies and precision workmanship are priorities in our selection criteria. We install solar panels with an industry standard 25-year warranty. We strive to offer the highest quality solar panels at the best prices.

Other Panel Options Include:

  • REC
  • Hyundai
  • Maxeon

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Clean Roofing is focused on delivering quality roof installations & exceptional customer service.
Solar batteries will increase your household energy efficiency and reduce energy cost.
Solar power monitoring systems are used to observe how your system is performing.
Clean Solar only installs premium inverters for all of our customers.
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