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The Clean Solar team continually stays ahead of the latest advancements in the solar industry to provide you with a premium solar solution. Each solar system is customized to produce the optimal energy for your home. We back every installation with our 15-year production guarantee, 25-year workmanship warranty, and our elite Clean Solar team.

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Our Advantages

Clean Solar is the fastest-growing residential and commercial solar installation company in the Bay Area.


We guarantee your system will produce the kW stated in your contract or higher. Clean Solar clients can confidently know their system performs as intended and in the event it doesn’t, we reimburse clients at retail rates. Our guarantee has surpassed all in the industry.


Our primary focus is to provide you with unprecedented personal attention and support – acting as a true partner in meeting your solar energy needs.


Clean Solar believes that long term relationships are the cornerstone of our business and we work hard to exceed our customers’ expectations. We go to great lengths to prevent problems from occurring with your solar power system and provide a 25-year full solar workmanship warranty. The 25-year full solar warranty includes the labor associated with replacing or repairing your system.


Clean Solar offers a variety of solar loans and financing options. Making it easy to begin saving money on electricity today.


Clean Solar sees charitable contributions as an integral part of our business model as well as our corporate social responsibility. Every year, we will donate a portion of our proceeds to local charity partners as part of our goal to contribute to the common good and help individuals and families in need.


We are recognized as a preeminent leader in the solar industry and have received many accolades for our Clean Solar quality installations and unparalleled customer service.


Why People Choose Us


Free Solar Financing is a unique solar loan program. If you qualify, Clean Solar will offer a  payment plan that matches your current electricity bill.


Quality assurance is our top priority. We are a licensed, bonded, insured, and incorporated full-service solar panel installer.


We are committed to providing you with professional, courteous, and timely service. We return all phone calls and emails within 24 hours.


Installing solar on your home or business is a proven, safe technology to generate electricity and reduce your carbon footprint.


We customize every solar system to your electricity needs and design your system to be the most economical and efficient for you.


We invite you to learn more about our products and services by reading about actual “case studies” from several of our happy clients.


Client Portfolios

Inman, Redwood City

Inman, Redwood City

Clean Solar Homes Inman Family in Redwood City System Size: 7.60kW STC PV Annual Production: 10,931 kW Old Electric Bill: $369 New Electric Bill: $42 % Power Offset: 65% % Electric Bill Offset: 89% IRR Over 25 Years: 26.2% Simple…
Shen, San Jose

Shen, San Jose

Clean Solar Homes Shen Family in San Jose System Size: 3.1kW CEC-AC Annual Production: 5,384 kW Old Electric Bill: $126 New Electric Bill: $14 % Power Offset: 59% % Electric Bill Offset: 89% IRR Over 25 Years: 12.1% Simple Payback:…
Rollins, Livermore

Rollins, Livermore

Clean Solar Homes Rollins Family in Livermore System Size: 2.787 CEC-AC Annual Production: 2,727 kW Old Electric Bill: $263 New Electric Bill: $129 % Power Offset: 59% % Electric Bill Offset: 51% IRR Over 25 Years: 22.9% Simple Payback: 8…
Hiebert, San Jose

Hiebert, San Jose

Clean Solar Homes Hiebert Family in San Jose System Size: 9.90kW CEC/ AC Annual Production: 16,400 kW Old Electric Bill: $388 New Electric Bill: $0 % Power Offset: 92% % Electric Bill Offset: 100% IRR Over 25 Years: 16.8% Simple…
Voisin, Bonny Doon

Voisin, Bonny Doon

Clean Solar Homes Voisin Family in Bonny Doon System Size: 2.4 kW CEC- AC Annual Production: 3,674 kW Old Electric Bill: $53 New Electric Bill: $3 % Power Offset: 62% % Electric Bill Offset: 92% IRR Over 25 Years: 10.9% Simple…
Martin, Fremont

Martin, Fremont

Clean Solar Homes Martin Family in Fremont System Size: 1.7kW CEC-AC Annual Production: 2,954 kW Old Electric Bill: $48 New Electric Bill: $7 % Power Offset: 59% % Electric Bill Offset: 85% IRR Over 25 Years: 10.7% Simple Payback: 17…
Frequently Asked Questions


The ideal placement of a solar system is on a southern or western facing roof with minimal shading and lots of available roof space. Clean Solar looks for the optimal roof surfaces of each home, which is why we like to get on the roof during our onsite appointments.

Adding a solar system to your home can potentially increase the resale value of your home. In 2014, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory conducted a study that showed buyers are willing to pay a premium of $12,000 to $15,000 for a home with an average sized resident owned solar system.  

Your savings depends on how much of your monthly bill is able to be offset and how large of a system you are able to install on your roof. If your average utility bill is currently $200, you may save up to $180 a month.

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