Reasons to Go Solar

Reasons to Go Solar

Customers and environmental advocates are seeking alternatives to ensure that their homes and lives are made better in the future with the decisions they make today. Solar is one alternative to consider for alternative energy sources. Customers find benefits in solar alone; when used with batteries, it offers significant benefits.

Here are the benefits of Solar Energy and batteries homeowners should consider:

Federal Tax Credit in 2022

When customers install and own a solar system by the end of 2022, there is a 26 percent federal income tax credit (ITC) available. Under current law, the federal ITC is scheduled to drop to 22 percent for systems installed in 2023 and then 0 percent for systems installed after 2023. ITC is available after a solar system has been installed and received Permission to Operate from the local utility company.

Increased Property Value

Research has found that going solar increases customers’ property value.  Homes with solar sell for more than homes without solar. According to a study conducted by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, for every $1 in annual electricity savings that solar delivers, the property value of their home goes up another $20.

Utility Bill Savings

With energy costs on the rise, rooftop solar can save homeowners money every month. If their electricity bill is over $100 per month, there’s good chance solar could save them big money in its 25+ year lifespan. If a 100% offset of their electricity bill is possible on a homeowner’s roof, then a custom designed solar system will supply all the power needed for their home.

Battery Benefits

For safety and code requirements, a solar system shuts down/stops producing electricity when the power goes out. When a solar system is coupled with a battery, their solar system will continue powering their home and charging their battery during daylight hours – even during a power outage.

Solar batteries give customers peace of mind knowing that even when the grid fails, power will still be on for their essential load requirements.

Now is the best time to install a solar and battery solution. It increases home value and allows homeowners to reduce electricity bills and power usage