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An inverter is the component in the system that takes the direct current (DC) power generated by solar panels and converts it to alternating current (AC) power that is used by the outlets in your home or business and compatible with the power grid. Clean Solar only installs premium inverters for all of our customers. We feel the inverter is the most important component choice you will make and offer multiple options:

  • Microinverters
  • Single inverters with optimizers


Microinverters are installed on each individual panel to convert the power from DC to AC at the source. They allow for each panel to perform mutually exclusive of the one next to it, making it ideal for roofs with shading issues.

There are many benefits to a microinverter system including:

  • More efficient
  • Most detailed monitoring
  • Long lifetime
  • Less power loss if any panels are shaded

We choose to work with Enphase Energy as our microinverter partner.


Single Inverter with Optimizers

Single inverter with optimizers is a combination of both technologies. The optimizers allow for each panel to work independently and then the energy is converted at one single inverter.

Benefits to a single inverter with optimizer system include:

  • Less expensive per watt than a microinverter
  • Reduce the impact of panel shading
  • Little difference in efficiency than microinverter

We choose to work with SolarEdge for our single inverter systems with optimizers.


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