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Now you can control where and how your energy is used, even when there’s a blackout.

Choose the outlets you want to hook up to the battery and enhance your renewable investment. Solar batteries will increase your household energy efficiency and reduce energy cost throughout the day. Since your solar panels charge the battery each day, you will have stored energy you can use during the night or off peak times. Having Battery + Solar PV gives you the ultimate peace of mind.

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Clean Solar keeps a close eye on which battery technologies are the best for our clients. Although battery storage is still fairly new to the economy, we believe that they can help save on your solar investment by increasing self consumption and protecting you from utility rate hikes. As solar batteries continue to become increasingly popular, you can be sure that we’ve partnered with the most efficient battery solutions.

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Clean Solar is a proud SunPower Authorized dealer, installing SunPower panels throughout the Bay Area.
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Solar power monitoring systems are used to observe how your system is performing.
Clean Solar only installs premium inverters for all of our customers.
Clean Roofing uses the latest drone technology for roofing projects.
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