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Solar Monitoring is Vital and Required for our 15-Year Production Guarantee

Solar monitoring can be fascinating to watch. Even if you are not sure what you are looking at, seeing each panel’s output proves that you are saving money and that your investment is more than paying for itself.

It is vital to monitor your system. Not only will monitoring find any anomalies and identify any part of the system that is not working correctly, but it is also how we gauge the output of your system. As we provide a 15-year production guarantee, we need to know how your solar installation is performing.

Each of our inverter manufacturers provides a monitoring system

For our Microinverter systems, Enphase Energy monitors the performance of each of the solar panels. SolarEdge also provides monitoring capability for their Single Inverter with Optimizers. As optimizers work as a distributed system, their system monitors each panel to check for energy generated and voltage management. SolarEdge Monitoring also tracks the single inverter as it inverts all the generated DC power into AC power.

You Do not Have to Constantly Watch the Monitor

We caution new customers not to spend too much time watching the monitors. Every day is different, so your solar installation’s efficiency and output will vary from day-to-day. Watching the monitor is the same as watching the stock market. While it is exciting to watch it on days where you are ahead of the game, constant monitoring can lead to highs and lows that match your system’s output for that day.

Let your new solar panel installation do its thing and save you money. While it is essential to check the monitor on occasion to ensure the system is working without any issues, you do not have to watch the monitor 24/7.

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