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Clean Solar offers the Best Solar Panels on the Market!

As a trusted and award-winning solar panel, battery, and roofing expert, we take pride in offering installations from only top-tier manufacturers including REC, SunPower, Maxeon and Hyundai. Being a SunPower Authorized Dealer for over a decade, our expertise and commitment to excellence has set us apart.

All of the solar panels we install are manufactured to the highest standards of quality with strict engineering guidelines.  Since we work with only high-quality equipment,  you can be sure that whichever solar panel manufacturer you choose, you will receive our 25-year warranty + 15-year production guarantee.

The high-grade materials, innovative production technologies, and precision workmanship are priorities in our selection criteria. We strive to offer the highest quality solar panels at the best prices.

Selection Process

All the solar panels we install are crafted to the highest standards of quality. Our selection process focuses on high-grade materials, cutting-edge production technologies, and impeccable workmanship. We strive to offer the highest quality rooftop solar panels at the best prices.

Clean Solar Solar Roof Installation

Our solar panels are all Tier 1 solar panels. What that means is that each panel we sell is manufactured by large, reliable solar panel manufacturers.

Attributes of a Tier 1 Solar brand are:

  • Producing solar panels for five years or more
  • Publicly listed on a stock exchange, or have a strong and stable balance sheet
  • Have fully automated production and a high degree of vertical integration
  • Invests significantly in marketing their brand
  • Have a strong reputation for quality and service

Exceptional Warranties and Production Guarantee

When you choose Clean Solar, you gain the assurance of a remarkable 25-year warranty  plus a 15-year production guarantee, regardless of the solar panel manufacturer you opt for.

Clean Solar is confident that your system will annually produce the kWhs stated in your contract or we’ll pay you the difference!

Since we only work with top-of-the-line equipment, we can guarantee you a long-lasting and reliable solar energy solution for your home’s needs, both today and for years to come.

Embrace sustainability and take the leap towards a greener future with Clean Solar today!

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Clean Roofing is focused on delivering quality roof installations & exceptional customer service.
Solar batteries will increase your household energy efficiency and reduce energy cost.
Solar power monitoring systems are used to observe how your system is performing.
Clean Solar only installs premium inverters for all of our customers.

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