Clean Solar and SonnenBatterie - Your Solar Battery Storage Unit

Clean Solar has partnered with SonnenBatterie to provide you the ultimate energy independence. It is your perfect backup during a utility outage, a natural disaster or at night. This lithium-ion-phosphate battery will increase your self-consumption and mange Time-of-Use rates.

Why install Battery Back-Up

  • Reduce grid cost and save even more money on electric bill
  • Store your excess energy to use day or night
  • Keep power on during a black out
  • SGIP California Incentive

How Batteries Work with your Solar System

During the day, your solar panels collect energy from the sun and turn it into electricity. You’ll use some of the energy generated to power your home and any excess energy will be used to charge up your battery. Once your battery is fully charged, additional energy can be sent to the utility grid. When you need to use energy at night, you will draw the power from your battery first and then the grid. Solar batteries are useful because they help maximize the energy you  produce as much as possible. And the power from your battery is free from your solar system.

Sonnen Quality Parallels Clean Solar Quality

Unlike other battery backups, SonnenBatterie perfectly integrates with any solar system. The battery includes an inverter and energy management software (technology to help you save money) making the installation an easy process. With Sonnen’s deep experience in the energy industry and Clean Solar’s quality customer service, you can be confident that we’ll provide clean, affordable energy to help you take control of your energy future.

If you’re interested in SonnenBatterie for your home or want more information, give us a call at 888-551-7652.