The Clean Solar Site Visit: 3 hours of comprehensive solar knowledge

Are you a homeowner who would like to have the most complete and accurate solar evaluation of your home? A ballpark quote over the phone or an email proposal in just a few days is fast, but these quotes are not the most accurate. They also don’t cater to those who would like to speak with someone in-person. For the most accurate quote using the latest technology and personal experience, the Clean Solar site visit makes the most sense.

A “site visit” or “site survey” is what Clean Solar calls our 3-hour appointments. In this time we will conduct a thorough solar evaluation of your home. We will use the latest technology to design the best system for both your budget and energy usage needs. Conversations about solar can go many different directions, so we tailor the time to the homeowners’ needs.

The entire process is simple:

  • Your site analyst will introduce themselves and Clean Solar, and talk about your reasons for going solar.
  • We will take a look at your roof and take measurements. We will then use the latest Solmetric technology to determine shade on your roof across the entire year and map out where the panels will go.
  • We build the proposal with you and base it on your energy needs and financing and panel brand preferences.

So are you ready to get the most thorough and precise quote for your home? After all, there’s nothing more accurate than actually being at your home and getting on your roof. To schedule your solar site visit, contact Clean Solar today. Don’t forget to have your Electrical Usage Data History for the last 12 months handy!