Community Choice Energy & Solar Customers

Effective April 1, 2017, PG&E began rolling out the Community Choice Energy (CCE) to all its customers. This automatic, opt-in renewable energy alternative program will benefit solar customer more than the PG&E current standard rates! 

Here’s how CCEs will work:
  1. CCEs provide clean, 100% carbon-free power at below PG&E comparable generation rates
    • Current CCE options include
      • 50% offset
      • 100% offset
    • Opt-Out of CCEs (remain on PG&E electricity generation)
  2. CCEs provide electrical generation, while PG&E maintains delivery of electricity over the existing power line infrastructure
  3. PG&E will continue to bill for electricity (including from CCEs) and provide customer service
  4. Terms of PG&E rate plans (E1, E6, TOU) are available thru CCEs, including Net Energy Metering (NEM), all which will automatically roll over to CCEs
  5. Surplus energy paid out from CCE NEM programs is at a higher rate than PG&E, which appears as an additional line item on PG&E bills.
  6. PG&E will True-Up each account as it transition to the CCE, generally done at the anniversary date as the CCE True-up is calculated monthly although paid out annually.
What is Community Choice Energy?

CCEs are local, publically controlled electric generation services that develop clean energy resources that stimulate local economic development, provide competitive electric utility bills which in turn provide local clean energy jobs while reducing pollution.

In 2002, state legislators passed the California Community Choice Aggregation law, where cities and counties with CCEs could now decide where their electricity will come from. PG&E was the default provider.

The active list of CCEs operating within PG&E California service territory include Silicon Valley Clean Energy, Peninsula Clean Energy, Marin Clean Energy, CleanPowerSF and Sonoma Clean Power.