This Valentine’s Day, We Love Solar!

This Friday is Valentine’s Day! Have you thought about who will be your Valentine? Who do you love the most? This year, we choose solar! There is so much to love about the industry!

We love saving money! Seriously, who doesn’t? Solar saves you money, plain and simple. From the very first day, you begin saving money off of your electricity bills. In addition to current credits and rebates, right now is the best time to go solar. In fact, the average price of a panel has declined by 60 percent since the beginning of 2011. You have to love that! It is becoming more affordable to install solar and you save money the very first day. As you generate your own solar power, you use less energy from your local utility and that’s a whole lot of extra money every month! Start lowering your electricity bills now and start loving the savings too!

We love the environment! Installing solar on your home is a great way to do your part for the planet. Solar power is renewable energy and a sustainable solution to the energy challenges of today. Generating your own solar power is clean and does not release greenhouse gas emissions. Become energy independent by installing your own clean and sustainable energy. Keep your planet clean! Go solar and start loving the environment too!

We love employing people! The solar industry employs 140,000 workers and is one of the fastest-growing. In fact, employment in the industry jumped 20 percent in 2013! The industry is in demand of physical workers and those jobs cannot be outsourced. So while you are saving money every month, you are also helping keep jobs and workers in America. Install solar and start loving the industry too!

There is so much to love! Solar is saving you money, you’re doing your part for the wellbeing of the environment, and contributing to keeping jobs and workers in America. This Valentine’s Day, we love solar!