Welcoming Our High School Intern: Eugenia

Hey everyone!
This is my first blog in a series of upcoming blogs related to clean energy! My name is Eugenia Huang, I am 17-years-old, and currently a senior attending Los Gatos High School. I began my marketing internship at Clean Solar this Fall and am so lucky to have to opportunity to work here through my first semester, and potentially through my second semester, as well. Now, a little background story of how I got involved…

☼ Last year, I took a course called AP Environmental Sciences with Mrs. DeLaPaz, which turned out to be one of my favorite subjects! It sparked my curiosity for the physical world around me and made me think about the responsibilities that we, as informed and concerned citizens, all morally share for maintaining an environmentally sustainable world. APES has been one of the most enjoyable and applicable course that I have taken thus far. In fact, it has changed my academic plans; I look forward to pursuing a degree in environmental sciences. In addition, I am much more aware of conserving little things that add up, such as buying things in bulk to reduce the amount of plastic I use and unplugging lights and chargers when they aren’t in use to save electricity.

☼ Also last year, I took 3 days off of school to attend the Enterprise Leadership Conference hosted by Rotary International. There, business leaders from the Bay Area introduced high schoolers to the opportunities and challenges of operating a business in the free enterprise system. Although we heard many esteemed, experienced leaders speak, my personal favorite was the marketing speaker! I am so thankful for ELC because the event solidified my growing interest in the green energy/business field and immediately after, I knew I wanted to further explore my passion by pursuing an internship.

So far, I’ve really enjoyed my time at Clean Solar! What I love most of all is how each day looks so different from the last! Analyzing online data reports with Leslie, designing educational salad bar clings (Clean Solar donated salad bars to bay area schools), and researching new, potential social media platforms to market Clean Solar are just a few of the exciting things that I’ve gotten to work on so far. Currently, I’m looking forward to getting to know my coworkers better!

See you next time!