Your best defense against higher and higher utility bills is a Clean Solar Energy Independence solar system!

Your best defense against higher and higher utility bills is a Clean Solar Energy Independence solar system!

Clean Solar Solar Roof Installation

Do you know that PG&E has planned an 18 percent increase in the average customer’s bill for 2023, with a projected 32% increase by 2026? What exactly will you get for that, besides a higher bill?

Are you getting your money’s worth?

In California, your rates are most affordable during the day when solar generation is abundant; but at night, they soar to more than double the daytime rates. Solar customers sell their excess power back to the grid at substantially lower rates and purchase electricity at the expensive nighttime rates. They want you to buy high and sell low? We don’t think so!

There are ways to take control of your energy consumption. Install rooftop solar panels with a battery system, and you will be able to store the electricity you generate during the day to use at night! This way you buy low and keep your free stored energy for your own use! You have the added bonus of peace of mind during your next blackout and are on your way to gaining energy independence.

Wildfires and Electricity: what do they have in common?

In November of 2018, a powerful gust of wind caused a PG&E power line to fall to the ground, which ignited a bed of dry pine needles setting off a devastating fire that quickly spiraled out of control. This fire, known as the Camp Fire, claimed more than 18,000 structures, and tragically took many lives. This was one of the most destructive fires in California’s history. Camp Fire

How does that affect you?

By higher electricity rates! You will have to pay for the cost of PG&E burying power lines and trimming trees. And what about the significant penalties the utility company has to pay due to the numerous law suits currently filed against them? You’ll help pay for that, too!

Government regulators are tasked with ensuring that utilities deliver affordable, dependable, and safe electricity services. However, it isn’t working. Just think about your recent electricity bills and the frequency of blackouts.

What can you do?

Your best defense against these high rates is to own a Clean Solar energy and battery storage energy system.