Battery Updates for January 2020: SGIP small storage funds & our Powerwall 2 inventory

Battery Updates for January 2020: SGIP small storage funds & our Powerwall 2 inventory

Updates on the SGIP Program

The SGIP’s step 5 small residential program (battery sizes less than 10 kW) was replenished on January 10th and has been subscribed to customers who were on the waitlist. The small residential program is under a waitlist structure for the step 5 amount of $0.25/Wh. To enter this waitlist, you will need to have a signed battery contract with an installer.

The small residential program will implement a Step 6 ($0.20/Wh) and Step 7 ($0.15/Wh), which are scheduled to start in April 2020. At this time, we do not know if the current step 5 waitlist will be replenished or if customers are moved down to Step 6.

The Equity Resilience Budget will become available in mid to late February 2020. This budget will help the distribution of energy storage systems to communities located in High Fire Threat Districts (HFTD).

Here are the two qualifications you must meet to qualify for this budget:

    1. Live in a Tier 2 or Tier 3 Fire region and was a part of two public safety power shutoff events. 
    2. Currently on a medical baseline rate with PGE or have an electric well pump feeding water to your home. The well pump must be on the same meter as the house. Duel meters are not allowed for this credit.

Click here to see the California Public Utilities’s (CPUC) address searchable fire map.

Clean Solar will continue to update you on the SGIP Rebate as we are being updated by our partners on energy storage.

Clean Solar has 60 Powerwalls at their offsite location

In one of our offsite warehouses, Clean Solar has 60 Tesla Powerwall 2s to accommodate the increase in demand for batteries. 

Now is the best time to go with an energy storage solution. You could save $1000s on your battery investment by combining the Federal Tax Credit (ITC) and the SGIP rebate. Clean Solar will take care of all SGIP application paperwork including the fees associated with submission. Contact us to schedule a FREE battery site survey.

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