Clean Solar donates panel for solar project in Ghana

Clean Solar has donated a solar panel as part of the Guadalupe River Park Conservancy Project which has built test setups of solar trackers with the help of the SunSaluter system. This same design was then implemented in the village of Ejura in Ghana, a community with limited access to electricity or running water. The design satisfies both these needs and Clean Solar is excited to partner in this effort.

The SunSaluter operates with a water clock, using the weight displacement of water passing through a filter to keep the panel perpendicular to the sun throughout the day. This increases the efficiency of the panel up to 40% and collects clean water by the evening. This same design is now being used in the impoverished village to charge cell phones, lanterns, and power a small water pump.

A student from Santa Clara University’s Global Fellows Program first assembled a test solar tracker as part of the Guadalupe River Park Project and is now spending six weeks in Ghana volunteering with Bright Generation Community Foundation to build them for the village. Additional fundraising information for this project can be found at their Kickstarter page.

Clean Solar has partnered with the Global Fellows Program to donate the SunPower panel. We are excited to have contributed to what started as a local San Jose project making international change. As a B Corp, we are committed to using the power of business to solve these social problems, not just in our community. From the Bay Area to Ghana, we are delivering clean power.