The market is booming for small solar installers

As the residential solar market is recording phenomenal growth, running in parallel is the market share of national installers. The solar market is growing so rapidly that it cannot be dominated by a few large installers and will instead, give rise to more participants. There’s a bright future for small solar installers.

The small solar installers are not only here to stay, they will prosper, according to an article by Greentech Media, a media company for the green technology market. Despite the market share of the top six solar installers growing from 31% in 2012 to 46% in 2013, a booming solar market in general is how small installers have potential to rise again. Here is a brief summary of the article:

Solar is said to be simultaneously a large and small industry. It is large in the sense that it is becoming a significant part of the energy infrastructure in approximately 15 states and a major contributor to new jobs. Currently, the industry is also considered small by being virtually nonexistent in the other 35 states and is estimated to only be 1% to 3% the size it could be. Jonathan Doochin, CEO of Soligent Holdings, believes this solar market will grow too fast and too broad geographically to be dominated by just a few large installers. Instead, the growth of the industry will draw even more installers to participate.