Clean Solar received a personal “Thank You” from our State Superintendent!

March 28, 2014 – Clean Solar is being acknowledged for their generous donation to the Heart and Soles 5k Run, which is raising money to provide salad bars to schools! California State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Torlakson, wrote CEO, Randy Zechman, a personal “thank you”! Clean Solar is always committed to helping our community and this time we are helping to provide healthy options for student lunches with salad bars to provide more fruits and vegetables. It’s humbling to receive such a formal acknowledgement of our efforts!

Clean Solar will be installing 8 local Silicon Valley schools with a salad bar. Research has found that free and easily accessible salad bars in schools result in students selecting more fruits and vegetables. Increasing consumption will help to develop healthier eating habits in general, battling the childhood obesity epidemic. Through our contribution, we enable students to make the healthy choice be the easy choice!

Our efforts are in alignment with Torlakson’s Team California for Healthy Kids (TCHK) initiative which promotes access to free and fresh fruits, vegetables, and drinking water. Funding salad bars are one of the easiest way for schools to meet nutrition standards for school lunches.

Clean Solar is excited to continue collaborating in support of California’s students! Thanks Tom Torlakson for the letter acknowledging Clean Solar’s contribution to keeping students healthy!