SolarWorld recalls 1.5 million solar systems

Last week, the evening news reported a recall of 1.5 million SolarWorld systems installed throughout the United States and Canada.

Ben Santarris with SolarWorld stated that it not their modules being recalled, rather a call to re-inspect the tin lug nuts used, to ensure they are not copper coated and properly grounded.

Clean Solar Clients can rest assured that we have always only installed tin-coated lugs will ALL panels that we install. High quality standards ensure that no corners are cut for cost or safety. Specific details such as the type of lug nut used in your installation is not specifically advertised nor promoted, it is part of the comprehensive FULL solar warranty that should be expected for all solar installers.

Santarris says that SolarWorld trains installers to use the tin-coated lug variant which are included in their kits as well as the industry standard. In one reported case, SolarWorld modules were installed with bare copper grounding lugs which corroded. While no injuries were reported, there was the potential for electric shock, electrocution or fire hazard.

Systems installed by companies other than Clean Solar, installed between June 2010 through June 2014, should be inspected. The required tin-coated lugs are silver in color, the copper lugs that need to be replaced are brown in color. SolarWorld has voluntarily launched this re-inspection process and takes full responsibility for double checking any system for use of improper lugs by third-party installation firms.