Have you heard Sunrun on the radio?

You may have heard commercials and radio ads for solar financier Sunrun…but did you know Clean Solar is partnered with them? So what are those home appliances getting excited about, what is Sunrun? Sunrun specializes in providing leasing or power purchase agreement (PPA) options for homeowners looking to go solar for little to $0 down. A Clean Solar installation with financing from Sunrun is brilliant!

With a lease or PPA, Clean Solar will install your custom system and Sunrun finances the solar system, including the cost of the panels, the installation, and the maintenance. With $0 down, you simply pay a fixed monthly amount to use the power that the panels generate.

With a solar lease, you are essentially renting the solar system for the rights to use all of the power produced by the system. With a PPA, instead of renting the system you agree to buy the power generated by the system at a set price per kilowatt hour (kWh). Both processes are incredibly easy to set-up and affordable. So what happens when the leasing period is over? You have multiple options: you can either continue receiving power for low monthly payments, purchase the system, or have it uninstalled.

So the next time you hear that Sunrun radio spot, you will know why those home appliances are getting excited. Have Clean Solar install your panels, finance them with Sunrun, and then you’ll have something to sing about too!